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God Bless America  - Including Historic Morristown, NJ
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Sebastion Forster Pianist

POISON DOG TREATS - 9623 BytesFirst - An URGENT heads up to all US pet lovers:

The problem with contaminated pet food ingredients from China is not over. As recently as last week, complaints have been coming in from all across the country concerning Chinese chicken used in Chicken Jerky Dog Treats. Unfortunately - there have been serious illnesses and deaths reported.

You can read the full article here:
Dogs Fall Ill As Owners, Vets and Lawmakers Blame Treats from China by James Andrews | Mar 09, 2012

Be Aware - Be Careful and Stay Safe!

"Pests and Ivies"
Spring Cleaning ALERT!!!

brownR.jpg - 7791 Bytes
Loxosceles.jpg - 5296 Bytes Brown-recluse.jpg - 12873 Bytes

Contrary to previous understandings and conditions, the Brown Recluse Spider - sometimes referred to as the Violin Spider, is now alive and living well right here in Morristown, NJ!!
As depicted above - in some photo's, (left and right) it looks like a large - but fairly normal spider. That's not exactly true. That is what they look like when at rest. But when they move, they rise up like the center picture, in the middle - which looks more like a Daddy-Long-Legs but with a bigger body - a very different presentation!!.
The bite of the Brown Recluse causes sever ulcerations of the skin... as in REALLY NASTY!!!
Please be careful when cleaning out areas of your home that are seldom disturbed. These spiders like their privacy. They live in "undisturbed" locations and have a penchant for old cardboard boxes. (suggesting that everyone wear gloves when working in the attic - garage etc.)
We found 2 in our crawl space - 1 in the shed and one living in the high cathedral corner of our bathroom. Our unfortunate neighbor was bit on his ankle while planting some early flowers.

Be Aware - Be Careful and Stay Safe!

This way for information on Lyme Disease

Everyone’s Attention Please
This is important if you live here.... as in the North East.. Lyme Disease is not a problem if you catch it in time. Basic Tests often have false results. Simple anti-biotics at first sign can nip it in the bud!

Please CLICK the TICK!
Learn more and keep your family safe!

Here's an email that we received a while back ...Thanks!
We appreciate the feedback!

" I just wanted to let you know that my husband has poison ivy and the blisters started arriving and ozzing late this afternoon......Doctor's office was closed so I went on line to see how to help stop the itch besides calamine lotion - I came across your remedy........My husband took a hot shower with Palmolive Dishwasher Det. and scrubbed - it burned while he was in the shower but once he rinsed off and patted himself dry the itching was no longer there......I applied some itch stuff for poison ivy and he is comfortable at the moment.......Thank you for your offerings!........If he is still ozzing and itchy tomorrow we will see someone about it - in the mean time the dishwasher detergent is in the shower just in case he needs it again!.....Crazy as it sounds, it worked! "

Camping? - Gardening?
If you live in Morris County
you need to read this!!

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All County Events Calendar!
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theatrical Auditions - plays, shows, concerts
Attention all Theaters and Playhouses!!!
Post Your Activities Here (It's FREE)
There may not be many postings at any given time, but that is only because there are only so many theaters in the area. Please use this FREE facility for ALL of your various "calls for participation" and PERFORMANCES!

Our Calendar for the Performing Arts
Auditions and Programs

Enjoy ~

Save our Bears

The BEAR CUBS are HERE and they NEED YOU!

Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable rehabilitation facility dedicated to the care and release of orphaned and injured wild animals. The staff and volunteers at Woodlands are well trained in animal care and are involved in educating New Jersey's human residents about their wild neighbors' habits and habitats. We are located in Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County, and handle 500-600 native wild animals each year. The ultimate goal of our facility is the release of healthy well functioning animals. With the help and generosity of the doctors and staff at Clinton-Perryville Animal Hospital, Woodlands enjoys a high success rate.

For more information and where to send Donations, please visit:

ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! Are you looking for an exciting Internship? Have we got the opportunity for you! Please contact us now at for complete information about Internships.

moving to morris county new jersey
Thinking of Relocating
Morris County??

You're not alone! .. So we have prepared a little "FAQ" section just for you!   Check it out!

churches - temples - morris county nj
In the hopes of bringing some peace and comfort to those who might need or enjoy some extra "care" and or company... we now have included a Calendar for the various
"Support Groups".
"Spiritual" Section,
is where you can find all of the Houses of Worship in Morris County, who now have Internet presence.
Please let us know about any that we may have missed and those of you who are just coming on board. If you need some help with a web presence, Contact Us!
... Enjoy!

Since 2003
Voices of Morris
Interactive All County Forums

Responding to the many requests received, we are pround to announce the seeding of 2 new forum topics

Volunteers Wanted!
All State Reunions

(Because we all keep moving around!)

All forums are open to everyone!

It's Their Planet too....

Bald-Eagle.gif - 21949 Bytes

Federal authorities said bald eagles are protected by the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.
They are asking anyone with information about the Delaware Water Gap shooting to call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office of law enforcement at (215) 492-5850

Talk About Important Stuff!!

Reunions - Lost and Found and other issues on Our
Morris County Forums
in the
"The Voices of Morris".

You can "Pick up"
all kinds of "TiD-BiTS" there..
.. Just for us!    Have Some Fun!

Morris County Schools

For everyone's
"Back to School"
Our County School Websites

(If there are any changes or updates, please Email them here! - Thanks ~)

MHStopschool.gif - 79292 Bytes
The top Public High Schools in New Jersey
according to New Jersey Monthly
Congratulations to MHS students, teachers, staff , administration, and community!

Morristown High SchoolMorristown High School website ....
We are growing every day!

If you have a "Community" website that should be included here - please Let us Know!

Have you seen the New Site for the
award winning
Morristown High's
Marching Colonial Band and Color Guard! 
2007 / 8
Check it OUT

They are Awesome!!
Morristown's Marching Colonials
Excellent job Derek!!   Congrat's!

For Immediate Release:

Morristown Memorial Hospital
loves our Children!!
We have an
Online Teenage Obesity Prevention Program

For More Information - Click HERE

And now - the newly launched site for
Teenagers with Diabetes !
Click Here!

While the worst seems to be over, many areas of Hurricane Rescue are still in motion - especially concerning the hundreds of displaced and abandoned pets. Please help.

Noah's Wish is a unique animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters throughout the United States and Canada.

NoahsWish.jpg - 11996 Bytes


Welcome aboard!!

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Morris County Sports!

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Day laborers on Morristown corner
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Share Views and Take Action Together!
Join other Morristown Residents and make a difference.
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This Way to Morristown One Community

Morris County Singles Chat
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Morris Area Interactive!
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Lost Morris County Relatives?   Look what we've found! The NJGenWeb
Brianne Kelly-Bly is the volunteer coordinator for the Morris County, NJGenWeb site. NJGenWeb was created in an attempt to assist you in your research efforts in Morris County. It is a guide to help you in your hunt for your ancestors and to learn about Morris County in the different time periods.
Within, we also found a list of persons who engage in professional genealogical research in New Jersey @ - but please be aware that we here @ and Target Online have had no experience with any of these listed people and assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for any interaction which may come from contacting them. We are simply passing on the info.
Good Luck!!!

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