Morristown Partnership

morristown partnership

As the Special Improvement District (SID) of Morristown, a non-profit organization created by municipal ordinance , the Morristown Partnership is responsible for the revitalization and general upkeep of the town's central business district.

Along with the responsibility of recruiting business to Morristown, the Partnership also keeps statistical information and contributes to the beautification, ease of use and community relations of the town.

Since these segments of the community are all interrelated, the Partnership has evolved to become the liaison between them, and now leads the charge in Morristown's new revolution.

In New Jersey, there are approximately 38 S.I.D.s with many more under consideration. The Morristown Partnership was created in 1994 and began operating in January, 1995. Morristown’s S.I.D. is one of the largest in the State both geographically and in total constituents (more than 480 commercial property owners and 1340 businesses).

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45 Park Place South, PMB 101, Morristown, NJ 07960 (973-359-9968)